What Does Your CV or Resume Say To Others?

  • Shouldn't he be retiring soon?


  • She is probably planning on having children in the near future.


  • We are interested in foreigners ... but not THAT foreign.

  • She's gotten this far in her career and isn't married? She must be trouble.

  • This country is homogenous. There just aren't any ethnic candidates that reach this level of seniority here.

  • I hope he was having a bad day when he took that picture.

Your Blind CV Can Block Bias  

Highlight your competencies and make yourself intriguing to your next company.

Inclusive Matters gathers blind CV's from diverse talents and leaders. A blind CV is without personal details that refer to the applicant’s gender, age or ethnicity. With this collection of blind CV's, Inclusive Matters can demonstrate how companies can assess talent without imposing preconceived ideas or discrimination. Here is how you can help:


Email your blind CV (in PDF format only) to Inclusive Matters - here

Please add your full name in the subject area, in order to connect you to your CV.