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Lead with Clarity and Perspective

Get a D&I Audit for your business (company, organization, team)

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How well does your organization walk the talk of your D&I commitments?

Let's put it another way

If you are making a pledge or promising inclusion,

How will you measure impact?
How will you know that you're taking steps in the right direction?
How credible is your message to the underrepresented groups?
(Re-read this 👆👆🏻👆🏼👆🏽👆🏾👆🏿)

Short answer...

Without knowing your metrics, without knowing where you stand right now, you cannot measure the impact of your D&I Commitment. And, as a leader, that leaves you doubting your steps — hoping cancel culture doesn't target you.

You find yourself like many leaders, doubting what to say, cautious if you can even make a joke; one step away from saying "what's the point of this anyway?"

There's an opportunity here.

 Know Your External Diversity Footprint 
 Know Your Internal D&I Footprint
Gain Inclusion Metrics

It is not uncommon to have questions about D&I. Let's take on a few before we talk.



How can our company convincingly demonstrate its commitment to D&I?

A CEO’s statements about D&I, set the narrative for the organization. The authenticity of that commitment comes out in the actions that come with the leader’s statements. ​


We enter the D&I Ecosystem at Communication

INCMAT advises leaders on how to work their D&I plans and messaging through the organization, in a cohesive manner. Connected to the message are the initiatives/events that will also be highlighted internally and externally.  External marketing will be aligned with internal pace of inclusion to ensure that what is said externally aligns with the internal engagement.


How do we retain our diverse senior talents?

It could be a  noticeable absence when a diverse senior talent leaves your organization. And if there departure comes as a shock, a company is left without a pipeline of equally diverse talent.


We enter the D&I Ecosystem at Leadership

We remove exclusive and barrier building the “plug & play” model of new senior talent and help you identify the  inclusive process for the new colleague that genuinely aligns with your company’s D&I journey.


Inclusive Matters helps you build strong inclusive onboarding and development plans for your senior leaders.


How do we connect D&I our company’s results?

Decentralized D&I initiatives and events can be spread across your organization without a clear goal.


We enter the D&I Ecosystem Model through Metrics

Connect metrics from all other factors of the D&I Ecosystem, weaving together the success stories, and identifying opportunities for growth.

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