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3 Ways Leaders Build Credibility In D&I Discussions

Updated: Feb 7

As a senior leader, how comfortable are you addressing D&I topics in your company? Our Diversity Footprint 2023 highlights that just over half of CEOs make statements about D&I. The potential for public criticism is enough to keep many top leaders tight-lipped about their company's diversity.

Yet the silence from companies also sends a signal that top leaders are too uncomfortable to engage with their staff, customers, suppliers and owners about this critical issue.

An often heard concern from our clients is "What can I talk about that won't land me in trouble?"

Here are 3 ways for leaders to build credibility (and authenticity) around topics involving Diversity & Inclusion.

Inclusive Matters is dedicated to helping leaders boost their influence, confidence and results around D&I. We connect your D&I ambitions to measurable business results.

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