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New Perspectives To Soak In With The Sun & Relaxation

📖So a Stanford professor & an executive coach walk into a bar... and write Humour, Seriously. Do you think I'm joking? Naomi Bagdonas & Jennifer Aaker explain how we can, even in the toughest moments, bring humor & humanity together. Plus there are more than a few good chuckles in the book.

📖Granted, Adam Grant is everywhere these days. So I gave Think Again a try. Though I had different perspectives on parts of the book (debate & grit), I enjoyed his ideas on The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know.

📖 Then I was reintroduced to Malcom Gladwell's podcast, namely 2 recent episodes: "Lord of the Rankings (Rankings part 1)" & "Project Dillard (Rankings part 2)". Gladwell delves into how we perpetuate privilege over actual talent in our ranking systems. #podcast

Inclusive Matters 🌍 #incmat

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